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Orange is the new Hermes
27 September 2017

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18 September 2017

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Deco survives
28 June 2017

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A path for your eyes
12 June 2017

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23 April 2017

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Make yourself at home
2 April 2017

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In the shed
19 March 2017

Recent Comments

omid on Bartender Advice
Amazing shot!

Existence Artistique on Bartender Advice
oh là elle en a des choses négatives à dire

Michael Skorulski on Bartender Advice
Excellent expression of concern.

Existence Artistique on Toronto sprouting
superbe ce graphisme

Existence Artistique on Sun and Snow

Anna Cherer on Sun and Snow
wow ! Beautiful atmosphere ! excellent composition and framing ! Love it !

Gérard Flayol on Sun and Snow
Its give a superb mood on your shot !!

Existence Artistique on Looking up
superbe ce graphisme

Franz on Looking up
Very appealing compo with a distinct 'geometry' involved! Attractive colour scheme as well.

Michael Skorulski on Looking up
Wonderfully composed.

Existence Artistique on 1978 Toronto Subway Glory
bien ce graphisme

Anna Cherer on 1978 Toronto Subway Glory
Excellent perspective and graphics !

Michael Skorulski on 1978 Toronto Subway Glory
A super composition.5*

Harry on Plastic people
with their noses in the air

Existence Artistique on Plastic people
oh génial

Existence Artistique on Booming Toronto
génial ce graphisme

Anna Cherer on Booming Toronto
Excellent angle of view !

Michael Skorulski on Booming Toronto

Existence Artistique on The Globe and Mail Building
c'est une intéressante idée et bien réalisée

Michael Skorulski on The Globe and Mail Building
Cool image.

Existence Artistique on Framed
bon travail

Ronnie 2¢ on Framed
Framed with confidence.

Ronnie 2¢ on Parkdale, Toronto
What an incredible assembly of disparate 'moments' !

Michael Skorulski on Framed
Super framing.

Existence Artistique on Winter sunset
belle lumière

Existence Artistique on Parkdale, Toronto
une intéressante recherche et composition

Michael Skorulski on Parkdale, Toronto
Interesting image. I used to live in this area. glad to see it still has its gritty appeal.

Yves on Cuteness happens
Le gardien :))

Existence Artistique on Cuteness happens

Existence Artistique on Performing droplets

Michael Skorulski on Performing droplets

Existence Artistique on Windows
bien les graphismes

Existence Artistique on Exhuberant Meringue

Michael Skorulski on Exhuberant Meringue
It is a joyful image.

Existence Artistique on Faded glory

Existence Artistique on The Getty
belle courbe

Jean-Luc.M on The Getty
Une composition très graphique sur ce mélange architecture et nature. Bien vu.

Ana Lúcia on The Getty
The moon!!! :) A superbly creative photo.

Existence Artistique on Toronto

Michael Skorulski on Toronto
What a fabulous view of my home city.

Harry on Blue sky
excellent graphic

Existence Artistique on Blue sky
oh génial ces couleurs

Michael Skorulski on Blue sky
Simple and effective.

Harry on Posing
Is this how they reacted when you said "say cheese!"?

Existence Artistique on Posing
bien ces tissés

Existence Artistique on Twins
bon travail et recherche

Jaya on Sidewalk wisdom
it's ok to remember it and in a so beautiful way :-)

Existence Artistique on Sidewalk wisdom
bien ce collage

Existence Artistique on Feeling the cold

Michael Skorulski on Feeling the cold
The image has a frigid feel. Cozy if you are inside.

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