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Orange is the new Hermes
27 September 2017

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18 September 2017

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Deco survives
28 June 2017

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A path for your eyes
12 June 2017

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23 April 2017

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Make yourself at home
2 April 2017

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In the shed
19 March 2017

Recent Comments

beach on City Hall, Toronto
I like the tones.

Existence Artistique on City Hall, Toronto
bel effet

Existence Artistique on Survivors
belle architecture sous cet effet

Anna Cherer on Survivors
I like this beautiful old building on Spadina Ave ! beautiful capture and tones

Luca Bobbiesi on Back when sand was fascinating.
Wonderful work!!!

Existence Artistique on Back when sand was fascinating.

omid on Back when sand was fascinating.
so cute! :) L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Skorulski on Back when sand was fascinating.

Existence Artistique on Spadina Ave.
bel effet et cadrage sous ce graphisme

Michael Skorulski on Spadina Ave.
Excellent. I know it well. Used to live nearby.

Ronnie 2¢ on Spadina Ave.
I'm sure they are trying to say something . . but running out of breath.

Nina on Snow
cool image

Existence Artistique on Snow
bel effet

Existence Artistique on Two eras meet
bel effet

Ana Lúcia on Two eras meet
Love it.

Existence Artistique on Looming dome
beau ce dôme qui me fait penser à la lune

Existence Artistique on A racoon blanket
belle peau

Michael Skorulski on A racoon blanket
Different but definitely not for the vegetarians among us.

Ronnie 2¢ on Elegance spotted in Rochester, NY
A fine sense of style for sure.

Existence Artistique on Elegance spotted in Rochester, NY

Michael Skorulski on Elegance spotted in Rochester, NY
An elegant window.

Existence Artistique on Well earned dirt seen in Buffalo N.Y.
génial ce traces

Michael on Well earned dirt seen in Buffalo N.Y.
Yes, but suspicious how clean the tires/wheel and wheel well are. I fear it is staged machismo.

Michael Skorulski on Well earned dirt seen in Buffalo N.Y.
Very macho to have such a car.

Le Krop on White on white
Nice ! Romantic, too.

Existence Artistique on A 1952 Pontiac Indian hood ornament....

Existence Artistique on Kodak Orange

Dimitrios on Kodak Orange
cool, museum staff now

Existence Artistique on Patterns on patterns
bien ce graphisme

beach on Patterns on patterns
I like this. The gentle curve of the upper boards contrasts with the straight line of the bottom rows, and the lone ...

Existence Artistique on Flowers from a tree
c'est superbe

Sof on Flowers from a tree
J'aime beaucoup

Dimitrios on Flowers from a tree

Existence Artistique on Reflecting door

Anna Cherer on Reflecting door
Beautiful details and framing !

Existence Artistique on Hang over

beach on Looking for trouble
Or just out for their nightly stroll. If they happen to see a mouse, well...what can you do?

Existence Artistique on Looking for trouble
beau duo

Yves on Looking for trouble
Waouh ! Un GANG !!!!

Existence Artistique on Blooming cactus
bel effet

Nina on Blooming cactus
simply wonderful!

Existence Artistique on High desert Flora-shing
un travail bien recherché

Anna Cherer on High desert Flora-shing
A beautiful foreground in the light !

Existence Artistique on Hole in the sky

omid on Looking towards home
very nice work! L O V E L Y !

Existence Artistique on Looking towards home
excellent travail de recherche

Anna Cherer on Looking towards home
Yes ! it's a good place to have a superb look of the Toronto skyline !

Michael Skorulski on Looking towards home
I have seen this view so many times. Excellent.

Michael Skorulski on Toronto Island Charm
Must be Ward's Island. I'm glad to see houses still exist there.

Existence Artistique on Might as well jump
c'est un bon travail de recherche artistique

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